Tap into our years of experience in publishing, marketing and internet development to get the most from your online efforts.

GEH Consulting Services

Our approach is simple and straight forward: We talk with you to determine your online goals, analyse your site (if you currently have one), and make recommendations for meeting your goals within the dollar budget and time commitment that works for you.

Range of Services

Our recommendations will most likely include specifics about any combination of:

We provide all of these services and more, but we do not offer a menu of cookie-cutter solutions. Each project is unique. Our bias is to view carefully developed content, smart site structure and visitor useability as the most important elements of online success. Everything else builds on these, and nothing else works very well or for very long without them.

Website Development

If you do not currently have a site — or are looking to refresh or remake your site — we can help with that as well, incorporating all of the elements above for a site that does what you need it to right from the "Grand Opening" (or "Grand Re-Opening").

Contact GEH Consulting to learn whether our expertise can help you grow your business by harnessing the power and flexibility of the Web.